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Chilling WW3 prediction goes viral after Iran’s attack!

1. Is the end here?

Ever since the terrifying apocalypse jumpscare in 2012, the world has been pondering the century-old question: “The end is near, but just how near?” 

With countries waging wars against one another and annihilating cities with missiles, you can’t help but fall down the deep and dark trap of paranoia. Is mass slaughter and military-aided war the way we’re supposed to go down?!

2. Who is Baba Vanga?

In addition to being credited with predicting 9/11 and the Covid-19 pandemic a sightless psychic has also made a concerning prophecy regarding World War III that has come to light amidst escalating hostilities between Iran and Israel. 

Born in 1911, When Baba Vanga was twelve years old a strong tornado engulfed her and caused her to go blind. She was miraculously saved even though she was covered in dirt and stones stuck to her eyes. Some say that incident triggered her spiritual awakening. Vanga started predicting local events on a small scale in 1927. After she turned 30 her clairvoyant and precognitive abilities grew stronger.  

She drew a sizable number of seekers of direction with her gifts of healing fortune-telling and prophecy which attracted believers. Many came to see her to find out where their loved ones had died and what had happened to them if they were still alive. Distinguished individuals such as Adolf Hitler and the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III were among her guests.  

After Vanga wed the Bulgarian soldier Dimitar Gushterov in 1942, she moved to Petrich Bulgaria where her reputation for extraordinary gifts and prophecies quickly grew. She was consulted after World War II by Bulgarian politicians and leaders of other Soviet Republics including Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev. To find out more about Vanga’s alleged extraordinary abilities many researchers have studied her phenomenon. 

3. 2024 marks the start of the end?!

Vanga left a trail of predictions spanning every year until 5079, which according to her would be the end of the world. According to the mystic’s prophecies, 2024 will bring with it a host of dire events such as biological attacks, terrorist attacks across Europe and the start of World War 3. Some of these forecasts seem uncannily realistic given the rising tensions in the Middle East. 

4. She warned us decades ago!

The witch warned of an impending wave of violence and suggested that a major country that has not been identified might use biological weapons. The speaker emphasized the possible outcomes that could transpire after Hamas’s October 7, 2023, incursion into southern Israel which claimed 1200 lives. Despite the successful intercept of Iran’s use of rockets missiles and suicide drones by US and UK aircraft growing tensions have sparked talk of a third world war on social media and increased alertness among world leaders.  

The National Security Committee member of Iran’s Parliament Abolfazl Amoue stated that Iran is prepared to use its arsenal of weapons in case Israel escalates further although Western countries urge Israel to exercise moderation. Furthermore, Israeli retaliation against Iran’s initial attack would face a painful response as warned by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a strong warning.

5. What could this attack mean though?

For several months now Arab countries—from Jordan and Egypt to the United Arab Emirates and Oman—have been working to defuse the situation between Israel and Hamas. This is especially because the conflict has extended to include armed groups that are heavily rooted in the Arab world and are backed by Iran. The governments of the Arab world are also threatened by some of these groups including the Houthis.  

Nonetheless, it is now hard to ignore the new reality: unlike earlier Israeli-Palestinian conflicts or even those involving Israel with Lebanon or Syria this conflict is still escalating. The Iranian drone and missile attack on Israel over the weekend put the entire region on high alert. 

6. The mind-blowing abilities of Vanga!

In a terrifying statement made in 1979, she predicted that President Vladimir Putin would become the new Lord of the World and that Russia would become the dominant force in the world. She predicted that Putin’s glory would stay untouched in an interview with writer Valentin Sidorov. She said Everything would thaw as if ice only one remains untouched – Vladimir Glory of Russia. She will take everything out of the way, keep everything and take on the role of world ruler.  

It is asserted that during her fifty-year career, she correctly foresaw events like the coronavirus pandemic, the 1986 Chornobyl disaster in Ukraine and Princess Diana’s 1997 passing.  

She reportedly predicted the COVID outbreak years ago and warned that the coronavirus will be all over us. She is said to have said in 1989 of the World Trade Center attacks Hooray horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. Victimless blood will be streaming, and wolves will be howling in the bush.  

Additionally, she was right when she said that Barack Obama the 44th US president would be the first and last black president. She said the 45th president of the United States would be faced with a crisis that would bring the country down, a reference some have drawn to the difficulties encountered under Trump’s administration such as the storming of the State Capitol in Washington DC. Instead of correctly predicting that Europe would cease to exist by 2017 she predicted that the continent would turn into a wasteland almost entirely devoid of human life. 

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7. Are the Global Events all planned?

For a second, let’s put Baba’s predictions aside. This isn’t the first time a major global event has been predicted like that. The Simpsons are notorious for their predictions and it’s alarming how accurate they are. From 9/11 to Trump’s election the creators of Simpsons saw it all coming! Come to think of it, are we all actually just trapped in the matrix? With influential people like Andrew Tate presenting their theories on the matrix and how the second you try to break free from the pattern the people in power attack your roots and bring you down. Do you never pause to think that maybe we are mere puppets on the strings? But who is controlling the strings? Who actually are the “people in power”? Are the governments secretly working under the Illuminati or is there something a lot darker that no one has yet uncovered?  

But hey! If Vanga is right about the world ending in the year 5079, we still have 3055 long years to get to the bottom of it. 

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